Creditor Identifier Algorithm in SDD schemes


 Creditor Identifier structure:

RO – Position 1-2 => ISO code for Romania.
XX  – Position 3-4 => check digit according to ISO 7064 Mod 97‑10.
ZZZ- Position 5-7 => ZZZ not used.
C… – Position 8 onwards  => country specific part of the identifier

Country specific part

  • For legal entities

AAAAAAAAAC Unique Identification Code (or Fiscal Identification Code) where:

AAAAAAAAA = sequence number max 9 figures.

C= Check digit

  • For Individuals

 SAALLDDJJNNNC standing for Personal Numerical Code, where:

S=sex (male/female) values:

1/2 born 01.01.1900-12.31.1999

3/4 born 01.01.1800-12.31.1899

5/6 born 01.01.2000-12.31.2099

7/8 foreigners resident in Romania

AA= year

LL= month

DD= day

JJ= County code

NNN=sequence number, value 001-999

C= Check digit.

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