Compliance Certifications


National and International Qualifications in Compliance

The Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) with the International Compliance Association (ICA) and the International Compliance Education SRL Romania (ICE) has formed a strategic alliance to create a career framework of qualifications and training in the fields of compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention. All qualifications will be awarded in association with the University of Manchester Business School (MBS) and training will be offered locally by RBI and ICE.

The qualifications are mapped to International Standards of Competence in Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing. The parties will work together to develop a Romanian National Framework of education and training and will commence mapping of these courses to local occupational standards.

Founded in 2001, the International Compliance Association (ICA) is committed to increasing knowledge and professionalism throughout financial services, all over the world. As a body with a worldwide presence and a professional membership, the ICA has a global reputation for the promotion of continued education and development in compliance, anti money laundering and financial crime prevention. The ICA partnership with the prestigious University of Manchester Business School ensures high quality assurance on our qualifications at every level.

Compliance Certifications Brochure

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